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Tatiana Kurenchakova by way of lecturer show cycle luctures “The classical guitar: music and history” in Russian Academy Music by Gnessin.
The project – “School young teatcher”


Release Tatiana Kurenchakova’s CD ‘Enshrined in Music’.

Release Tatiana Kurenchakova’s CD ‘Enshrined in Music’.
‘Artservis’ music publishing association presents Tatiana Kurenchakova debut album entitled ‘Enshrined in Music’. The promising performer vivifies the classical guitar sound with velvet hues transferring a listener to the sensual and enigmatic world of Music. The collection includes the works of a rich spectre of XXth–XXIth century composers: namely, French (Napoléon Coste and Eric Pénicaud), Italian (Giulio Regondi), Russian (Valery Biktashev), and Spanish (Antonio José). Each work hides a story behind it, as every master fills their piece with sincerity and profound meaning. Most of the composers mentioned are not well-known to the wide public, yet their artistic endeavour is particularly valuable both for the art of guitar music and for the world of classical music in general.
Tatiana’s interpretation of performed works is interesting and elegant; this fact has been pointed out by the contemporary authors themselves. The lively breath of melodic lines, masterly technique, and artistic expression that Tatiana delivers bring out a set of unique images The album restores the atmosphere of intimate performance and allows the audience to get fully immersed into the process of listening so that they become enshrined in music.

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Records for Russian TV

Tatiana Kurenchakova presents records for Russian-TV “Balans-TV”.