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Tatiana Kurenchakova is a talented and promising Russian guitar player, the repeated winner and nominee of the international music competitions, namely: II International Olympiad of Arts (Moscow, 2011, first prize), Technique and Style (Moscow, 2011), The Russian Cradle (Moscow, 2012, Grand-Prix), III Frauchi Classical Guitar Players Contest (Moscow, 2013, semi-finalist). Tatiana was awarded the ‘Hope of Kuzbass’ medal (2006), and the Governor’s Prize for Cultural and Artistic Achievements (Kemerovo, 2009).

Tatiana finished The Moscow Stage University of Culture and Arts (guitar classes from Artyom Dervoed). Permanently improving her performing art at the master classes by Z. Dukich, G. Krivokapich, D. Illarionov, M.N. Latinskaya–Frauchi, R. Jousselme, D. Azabagich, A. Desiderio, M. Dylla, A. Desiderio and other well-known classical guitarists. In 2011 she completed a course at the musical academy Chigiana (Siena, Italy) under the renowned professor Oscar Ghiglia.

Tatiana took part in The Autumn Music Academy (the Russian festival of performing arts) where she accompanied Zurab Sotkilava, the famous opera singer granted an honorary title of People’s Artist of the USSR. Tatiana is constantly looking for the new form and is not afraid of experimenting. In May 2013 the Concert Hall of Gnessin State Musical Academy presented Fantasy para un gentilhombre by J. Rodrigo performed not only by Tatiana, but also by the bayan & accordion orchestra. Such a fresh and surprising version belonged to Tatiana herself. Besides, Tatiana performed together with Budashkin Russian Folk Instruments Orcherstra. Apart from that, Tatiana is doing a research project; she has already published a number of scientific papers.

In 2012 Tatiana successfully participated in Koblenz International Guitar Competition (Koblenz, Germany, 2012) and was invited to give a concert in Essen (2013). The German audience appreciated Tatiana’s artistic skills, deep sense of music, virtuosity, and the romantic atmosphere created by the young Russian guitarist (Borbecker Nachrichten, 37/12).

By the end of 2013 Tatiana released two videos performing the pieces by J. Rodrigo and J. Dowland. The videos received positive reviews both from professional musicians and the amateur viewers.

Tatiana was playing the authentic XIX century guitars crafted by Antonio de Torres (1864) and ‘Martin’ company (1885). Besides, she is one of those aspiring people who worked out the idea and scenario of the concert devoted to the ‘Century that shaped the guitar’. Tatiana was honoured to perform together with Artyom Dervoed at Rakhmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatory.

Being incredibly energetic and devoted, Tatiana masters her art and – therefore – surrenders the hearts of her listeners.

Why would you want to go to Tatiana’s concert? The answer can be found in her own words: ‘I simply love what I do. It is important for me to share the beauty of guitar sound with people; to open matchless, rich and passionate world of the classical guitar, which differs a lot from the hectic rhythm of contemporary lifestyle’.